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DATELINE: Minden, NV, USA July 11, 2020

Welcome back friends, old and new. This Welcome page is long overdue for an update!

Today is July 11, 2020. My plans for a return to Spain this year have been canceled due to COVID19. But, I still have an urge to put some thoughts into writing and, for some inexplicable reason, I fantasize that somebody might care to read them.

And so, today, I added two 2020 posts. One is about my Mini Camino to Reno – this was my “consolation prize” for canceling my planned trip to Spain. The other is the text of a “Letter to the Editor” that I wrote to the Carson City Nevada Appeal and was published today in the print(paper) version of the newspaper.

Thanks for following me. (I never anticipated that getting “likes” would become my addiction….)



DATELINE: Seville, Spain May 2018

You’ve arrived at the place where I share some of my thoughts, observations, and photos from my half-year living in Europe in 2018. I am now home in the U.S. and finally can catch up on a few postings that were delayed by my computer limitations.

As I travel in Spain and Europe (and Russia), my most important travel accessory is an attitude of gratitude. I appreciate the many good things in my life that allow me to have this great adventure. I am mindful of the advantages that I enjoy due to my class, culture, and citizenship. I am grateful for the support from family, friends, and colleagues at home. Thank you. Now, please travel along with me through my stories.

Vamos! Let’s go! (click here)